What you need to know…

Before you hire a professional to work on any project inside or outside your home, you have to first ensure they are licensed. There are different licensed professionals for varying projects. For example, a paint contractor would not be licensed to work on electrical and an electrical contractor would not work on plumbing. A licensed contractor is required by law carry insurance, be bonded and have workers compensation insurance. Once you you have verified the proper person for the job you are hiring, you want to ensure a written contract is in place. A written contract will help protect you as the homeowner and the professional contractor.

It is important to know what your budget will be and keep in mind that some projects like bathroom or kitchen remodels can go over budget. Depending on the scope of the work, there may be hidden issues that will result in an increase of budget. A true professional contractor will know the pitfalls and what to look for to ensure you as the homeowner can stay within or close to the budget.

Choosing Products

Choosing the right product is as important as choosing the right contractor for the job. The fact is, there are inferior products and superior products on the market. In most cases, a superior product will give you more longevity and save you money in the long run from having to redo the project. This will play a role in the cost and final finishing of your product.

Does price matter?

The business of contracting is competitive. Some contractors will charge more and some will charge less. Most important is, does price matter more to you or finished quality? There are various factors as to why the price may vary from contractor to contractor on the same project. Some reasons include; materials, experience, traveling time to project site. There is a logical reasoning for each and everyone of these. You as the consumer, have to determine who you like to work with first and foremost. You have to decide whether or not the professional finish is important to you. You may want to consider hiring a local contractor. Contractors will travel, however, there most definitely is a cost to this.